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Originally developed in 2001 with the dual purpose of replenishing electrolytes lost during strenuous exercise and addressing muscle cramps, The Pickle Juice Company has evolved to become one of “the best kept secrets” in the Athletic Trainer and Elite Athlete communities. The unique formula has been strenuously tested and revised for over a decade to develop the most effective formula possible. Football players, cyclists and triathletes have been sipping dill-flavoured drinks, including bottles of The Pickle Juice Company for years. Those who downed the brine stopped complaining of cramping within 85 seconds - about 37% faster than the water. Stop Muscle Cramps 100% natural, sugar free, caffeine free Contains up to 10 times the electrolytes as popular sports drinks. No artificial colors or flavors‏ This functional purposely developed sports drink is SUGAR free, CAFFEINE free, GMO & GLUTEN free and has 10 x the electrolytes of most sports drinks on the market. Ingredients Dual Filtered Water, Vinegar, Salt, Natural Dill Flavor, Potassium, Zinc, Vitamin C, Vitamin E Available as an Extra Strength Shot (75ml) or Sports Drink (250ml) UNITS:1