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About Us

Sports Support Pty. Ltd. is a Management/Operational Company focused on assistance for local sporting clubs and their administrators.

The business is a service platform that currently assists 300+ sporting clubs across the Melbourne metropolitan area, covering a wide range of services including operational and administrative support to assist hard working volunteers.

We assist our customers daily with divisions that include but are not limited to;

The local sporting landscape has quickly grown into a small business model - learning to lean on local businesses and community support has become an essential ingredient for club success.


As the need for extra resources continues to grow, so too does the support required from club administrators and volunteers. Presently, I'm witnessing the need growing much faster than the supply.

We established ourselves to offer clubs assistance in club administration, management and long-term development. Our corporate partners utilize SPORTS SUPPORT as a link to local sporting organizations and club managers/administrators.

Contact me if you can see a link between what we do and someone you know - We love to getting involved...!